Triple-M Digital Detox

Triple-M Digital Detox

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Rejuvenate your mind & refresh your creativity with the Triple-M Digital Detox!


Creativity requires conscious thought & attention. As a species, we humans do our best thinking when we’re feeling confident, at ease, & happy. This program was designed to get you to a place where you’re feeling all three!


Over the course of 7 days, you’ll participate in a series of simple but effective tasks and activities designed to disconnect you from your phone & social media and reconnect you to yourself & your reality. There are games, puzzles, and drawings to color that replace the endorphins you’re cutting off when you intentionally step away from your phone, as well as thought experiments & happiness exercises that allow your mind the freedom to wander and solve problems effectively and creatively.


The Triple-M Digital Detox includes:


·      A Detox Prep Checklist

·      7 Days of Uplifting Audio Files

·      A Digital Detox audiobook

·      7 original full-art coloring pages

·      A Sudoku puzzle

·      Sketching challenges

·      The MillennialAF Crossword & Word Search

·      Affirmation Exercises

·      Gratitude Exercises

·      An original Vitaman comic strip

·      Jokes

·      Thought Experiments

·      Inspirational Quotes

·      And more!


Due to a minor printing error, this first printing of the Digital Detox (only 100 copies!) is being offered for HALF the official price. The best part: the quality of the content inside remains unchanged!


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