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A New Perspective

with @thejustinxavier & @Ambertiana808

A New Perspective is the podcast where two people can be looking at the same thing and see something completely different. The podcast started because Amber-Tiana noticed that Justin didn’t look for things the same way that other people did - because he’s color-blind. They realized that on a very literal level, people can be looking at the same thing and having wildly different experiences.

A New Perspective was created to highlight those differences in a fun, positive light. There’s no better way to evolve than to admit that you’ve been looking at things all wrong all along.



with @theevansloan

Under the Influence(r) is hosted by actor/influencer Evan Sloan as he sits down with other social media influencers to discuss their day-to-day life, the struggles of instant fame, and more.


Anonymous Apologies

with @thejustinxavier & @lunaindiacalovegood

We’ve all made mistakes, but we didn’t all get the chance to apologize. Anonymous Apologies is the podcast where people from around the world get the opportunity to apologize completely anonymously.


In the now with techtonic pop

Hosted by: @itsjeremiahneil & @monicalsoriano

In the Now w/ TechtonicPOP is a weekly music and pop culture review hosted by Jer & Monica of TechtonicPOP!


The Triple-M Euphoria Podcast

with @thejustinxavier & @ambertiana808

The Triple-M Euphoria Podcast breaks down each episode of HBO’s Euphoria. Listen now for plot recaps, predictions, social commentary and more.