About Millennial Mission Media 

Amber-Tiana & Justin Xavier had a vision for a media company that would create educational, entertaining, and enlightening content to encourage people to make positive changes in their lives. They both knew that helping people to heal themselves is the only way to heal the world. With Amber’s background in media production, editing, & live broadcasting combined with Justin’s background in podcasting, writing, & film production, Millennial Mission Media was born!

Podcast Network - In March 2019, Triple-M launched their debut podcast: A New Perspective, about how different people can look at the same thing and still see something different. The focus was on education and entertainment. As that podcast grew, Amber decided that one podcast wasn’t enough, and a podcast network would better serve the purpose of covering different topics and speaking to different audiences. By August, there were 5 podcasts on the network: A New Perspective, Under the Influence(r), The Triple-M Euphoria Podcast, In the Now, & Anonymous Apologies.

Podcast Services - After managing a podcast network for a few months, which meant recording, editing, and releasing episodes of multiple podcasts every week, Justin realized that the process was getting easier and faster. Now, Millennial Mission Media offers podcast consultations to aid in the creation of podcasts for people who want to break into the industry. For people who don’t have the resources or skills to record or edit themselves, Triple-M provides those services. 

Digital Detox / Social Media Habits - Before embarking on any sort of new creative endeavor, Amber & Justin choose to take a full week away from social media (and cell phones in general, as much as possible) to brainstorm ideas and allow the project to cultivate. To aid with this process, Millennial Mission Media launched the Triple-M Digital Detox, a 7-day self-guided program that gives you activities to spur creativity, replace social media endorphins, and keep you focused on the task at hand. The program also encourages users to practice healthier social media habits after the Detox is complete, so as not to fall back into addictive patterns & behaviors.